National Cultural Heritage

The Wine Production Enterprise Cricova is, by excellence, a company with a complex production cycle, located in a unique place, where the fruitful land and people’s hard work create legends.

The legend of the Wine Production Enterprise Cricova has began in 1952, along with a series of remarkable and memorable events, that have built the strong fundament on which rely the values of the most important sparkling wine and wine producer in the country.

The Famous Cricova Cellars...

On such an inspirational note, we would like to share the impressions on the main attraction of Moldova.

Certainly, this is one of those rare cases when the enthusiasm is very much in evidence, while the reality goes beyond the most daring expectations. All this does not happen by hazard, since the Cricova cellars combine at least three of the most unique attractions: an ideal wine storage facility with a singular natural microclimate, the richest rare wines collection and a modern tourism complex.

Having become an object of the State Heritage in August 2003, Cricova has confirmed its status as an ambassador devoted to the promotion of the wine industry and turned into a real national symbol aiming at preserving the pure dedication and passion towards the fruit of the vine.